Distill 6 years of our offshoring best practices into a step-by-step process you can execute on TODAY.

Be ready to evaluate, acquire and onboard offshore talent within weeks.

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Increase the profitability of every new hire by 5x with offshore talent

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You want to become more profitable. You feel like you’re either on a hamster-wheel or drowning in operational expenses. You also know there has to be another way to profitable growth. Human capital costs are your biggest expense driver. You know in your heart-of-hearts that you have $500/hr resources working on $5/hr tasks.

Challenge & Opportunity

Where do you start? “Offshoring” or “Outsourcing” sound great in theory, but the horror stories of bad experiences make you hesitant.

You know you are capable of change, but want to blueprint to success to avoid the landmines along the journey.


Learn by Get Levrg. We are your “coach-in-a-box”, always here to help guide you along your offshoring journey. You will be ready to evaluate, acquire and onboard offshore talent successfully, while avoiding the common pitfalls that teams make when jumping into the outsourcing support world. Our Learn package is ideal for both first time outsourcers or those that want to rebuild/retool their outsourcing muscle.

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up and we automatically enroll you into the Outsourcing Operating System.

Step 2

We schedule an onboarding call to ensure you understand how to best navigate and utilize the program.

Step 3

Book a Private 1-on-1 Coaching Call to explore topics in greater depth.

You now have a Coach-on-a-Box.

What do you need to succeed?

What can I expect as deliverables and outcomes?

The average customer is successfully evaluating, acquiring and onboarding new offshore talent in <90 days.


Imagine having an entire offshoring system in a box.

What will I learn?

The Why?

• Deconstructing your legacy bias
• Debunk offshoring myths
• Your Operating Competitive Advantage
• Developing your “WHY”
• Communicating your “WHY” to your team


• What is Zero-based Budgeting (ZBB)?
• What is an Operating Leverage Benchmark (OLB) Review?
• Transferring ZBB-to-OLB
• The 3 Levels of offshore talent
• Benchmark and identify offshoring opportunities


• Choose an Employment Model
• Choose a Talent Acquisition strategy
• Employment Contracts and Tax Responsibilities
• Benefits, Perks and Sweeteners
• Payment Processing Platforms
• Remote Collaboration Tools

Talent Acquisition

• Walk a Mile in your Candidates Shoes
• Small Details / Big Gains when attracting Talent
• Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) and Designing their Package
• Design your recruiting and filtering process


• If it Works Onshore, It Works Offshore
• Inclusion - we are all one team
• Communication - the power of the daily huddle
• Decision-Making - lead with a culture of Learning
• Strategic Thinking - Trust + Autonomy = unlocks Strategic Thinking
• 10-Minute Coaching Framework

Scaling Teams

• Thinking Bigger - pressure checking your initial OLB
• Can Offshore Talent Be Part Of Your Executive Leadership Team (ELT)?
• Level Up your Infrastructure at scale

Onboarding checklist

You are granted access to the Outsourcing Operating System automatically upon Subscription.

We conduct a survey during onboarding to help us tailor our coaching session.

We schedule a coaching session to ensure the Learning is turning into Execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

100%. The Learn Package is a perfect entry and/or retooling of offshoring best practices. We are here to service all offshoring requirements afterwards - whether that is Recruit talent for you, Manage the talent for you, or “Done for you” agency services.

Absolutely. There are always nuggets of gold that will improve the way you benchmark talent, create an infrastructure for offshore talent to thrive, and/or creative ways to attract and retain offshore talent. Many of our customers already have teammates in the Philippines, India, Columbia, etc., but have discovered new ways to think about sales & marketing support.


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What’s Included:

Unlimited 15-minute Private Coaching Sessions

6 Courses to leverage:

Mindset - Operating Advantage

Operating Leverage Benchmarking

Infrastructure For Success

Talent Onboarding Strategies

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Scaling Teams - Go Bigger & Faster

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