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Talent Corner - Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks

Founder & CEO

Jamie Shanks, Founder & CEO of Get Levrg and Pipeline Signals, specializes in optimizing offshoring for profit growth. With a background in leading “Sales for Life”, he’s trained 250,000+ professionals globally for industry giants like Microsoft and Oracle.

Talent Corner Page - Nazmul Ahmed

Nazmul Ahmed

Co-founder & CMO

Nazmul Ahmed, Co-founder and CMO of Get Levrg, is a seasoned marketing consultant with 15 years of experience. He previously served as CMO at a major company with over 700 employees and as CEO of a web design firm for three years. Additionally, he is a skilled marketing coach and practitioner.

Derek W. Martin

Co-founder, Investor & Advisor

Derek W. Martin is a veteran entrepreneur skilled in branding, marketing, and data analytics. He founded Get Levrg and the successful apparel company TUXY, which gained fame with a viral Kickstarter campaign and a deal on Dragon’s Den.

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