Our Mission

Help founders and CEOs unlock newfound levels of profitability using offshore talent as a competitive advantage.


Why I started Get Levrg?

Financial acumen and a profit-first approach did not come naturally to me.

I recognized that talent costs are critical for growth, but also a financial anchor. I was drowning to pay everyone but myself.

But I overcame my fears to think bold & different about how to scale profitably. My transformation five years ago started on a journey to profitability, evolved into offshore talent as an operating competitive advantage.


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Value creation for our customers

“I’d rather our team work on the $500/hr strategies that excite them, pushing them and motivating them, and scale an offshore team to manage $20/hr tasks, so that our onshore team can grow.”

Miles Kailburn CEO, Old Town Media

“Our offshore team competes their work 5x faster at 1/20th the cost, on a 24-hour cycle.”

Brendan Taylor CEO, Maverick VFX

“I am so impressed with the level of talent that is available offshore, the work ethic, the way that they fit within our team, within our culture, within the way we do things and the way they innovate.”

Jeff Klaumann COO, Collective 54

“We saved 10% on all total employee costs by pushing some of our more manual tasks offshore. For us, this was a really notable savings.”

Steven Riskey CEO, Strop Insights

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