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Join us to talk entrepreneurship, sales & marketing, and offshoring best practices. Explore creative ways to dramatically improve your margins and profitability.

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No Pitches, All Experience Sharing.

Next Event:

Salt Lake City - Tuesday, March 26th at 6pm at Willow Creek Country Club | Dinner Served - FREE Registration Here

Why Attend?

Are you facing challenges such as:

◉ Struggling with profitability?
◉ Suffering from margin erosion?
◉ Dealing with frustrated teammates stuck on low-value tasks?

Join fellow founders and CEOs who are revolutionizing their businesses with a different approach.

Your talent costs are your main operational expense, and you might be paying five to ten times more per role than necessary for desired outcomes.

What Will Be Discussed?

Discover the six essential steps to offshore success:

◉ Mindset: change your mindset for a competitive edge.
◉ Operating leverage benchmarking: maximize operational efficiency.
◉ Infrastructure for talent acquisition strategies: build the foundation for success.
◉ Talent acquisition strategies: source top talent cost-effectively.
◉ Talent onboarding strategies: efficiently integrate offshore talent into your team.
◉ Scaling teams: go bigger, bolder, faster.

Who’s Going To Be There?

Founders and CEOs just like yourself.

Revenue Leaders (CRO’s and CMO’s) are also welcome to network and discuss how offshore sales & marketing support change the economics of your GTM strategies.

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