Leverage your network to  generate revenue

Introduce our offshore advantages to your network to earn revenue share and other perks.

Ambassadors Club Page - Leverage your network to generate revenue

Make revenue while you sleep.

Give the gift of offshoring as a competitive advantage to your Founder / CEO network.
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Why be an Ambassador?

You Already Have the Network

All you need to do is introduce your network to our offshoring advantages.

Easy to Pitch

We have the best labor arbitrage in the world with extraordinary talents.

7 Quality Services

We already have proven services built to address different needs.

Earn Revenue and Perks

Based on the club level you select, you get a share of the revenue and perks.

3 Ambassadors Club Levels

Choose at your Convenience

The Maven

This is ideal if you aim to make occasional introductions. Ideal for making quarterly referrals from your network.

The Connector

The Connector

You introduce our offshore advantages to your network. Ideal for making quarterly (4 per year) referrals from your network.

The Integrator

The Integrator

You actively serve your customers as the account manager for offshoring support.

 Become an Ambassador!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mail us at [email protected]

You sign up, introduce, and recommend. If that client makes a purchase, you earn a share of the revenue.

The perks vary according to the club level. The perks include some of our services for you to experience offshoring.

It depends on how often you contribute. If you are unsure which one to choose, book a call today.