Turning us Industry Experts into Business Development machines.

Create +20% more sales pipeline by unlocking your LinkedIn network.

$797/month Normally $999/mo


A Day in the Life of a Digital Prospector

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How does it work?

Step 1

We partner you with an offshore business development representative (BDR).

Step 2

You ready your campaigns, contact list and messaging for your BDR. We provide you with our Digital Prospector Workflow templates.

Step 3

Your BDR connects with you via VPN on a daily cadence and engages your industry ecosystem.

You do nothing but field new sales opportunities

1. A great story to tell the world.

2. A collaborative approach to campaign messaging, through iterative A/B testing.

3. You supply your LinkedIn network, the computer to VPN into, and we do the rest.

What can I expect as deliverables and outcomes?

The average customer produces 20% more pipeline coverage within 6 to 12 months.


Onboarding checklist

We run a Digital Prospector Workflow training session to design the campaigns, contact list, and messaging.

Meet your digital prospector representative.

Complete the Digital Prospector Workflow template and Launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under 2 weeks and we are live engaging your industry on LinkedIn.

We recommend you have a spare laptop available during North American working hours. We VPN into the computer, and all the magic happens from there.

Be collaborative as we become you. How do you want us to engage your industry ecosystem?  Help arm us with great stories to tell your industry.


For Effective LinkedIn Prospecting Secret

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Digital Prospector

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What’s Included:

Unlimited On-Demand Sessions

6 Courses to leverage:

Mindset - Operating Advantage

Operating Leverage Benchmarking

Infrastructure For Success

Talent Onboarding Strategies

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Scaling Teams - Go Bigger & Faster

Mindset - Become a Competitive Advantage

Preparation - Ready for Success

Onboarding - First 100 Days to Impact

Productivity - Be a Lighthouse, Not a Tugboat

Growth - 10x your Opportunities

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