Stop spending time on $5/hr tasks.

Let Get Levrg handle your sales and marketing support.

Our offshore talent allows you to focus on $500/hr value creation.

We're Get Levrg, your roadmap to offshoring success.

Increase the profitability of your sales, marketing and CX support by 5x with offshore talent.

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We focus exclusively on Sales & Marketing Support.


Hyper accelerate the productivity and operational efficiency of your sales & marketing efforts by eliminating TASK bottlenecks.

Partner with us to eliminate $5/hr tasks immediately.





Value creation for our customers

“I’d rather our team work on the $500/hr strategies that excite them, pushing them and motivating them, and scale an offshore team to manage $20/hr tasks, so that our onshore team can grow.”

Miles Kailburn CEO, Old Town Media

“Our offshore team competes their work 5x faster at 1/20th the cost, on a 24-hour cycle.”

Brendan Taylor CEO, Maverick VFX

“I am so impressed with the level of talent that is available offshore, the work ethic, the way that they fit within our team, within our culture, within the way we do things and the way they innovate.”

Jeff Klaumann COO, Collective 54

“We saved 10% on all total employee costs by pushing some of our more manual tasks offshore. For us, this was a really notable savings.”

Steven Riskey CEO, Strop Insights


Who do we serve?


This is your money. Every $1 of profit creates optionality for you, your stakeholders and your family.

GTM Leaders:

Scale sales, marketing and CX to profitability levels you hadn’t ever considered before. Ensure your existing team focuses on $500/hr value creation, not $5/hr tasks.

Offshore Talent:

We connect you with amazing opportunities in North America and enable you to become the most productive version of yourself.


GTM Teams (Sales, Marketing & CX Support)


“I’m experiencing margin erosion. My employee costs are skyrocketing. I can’t keep this up.”

Your Team

“I hate these tasks. I want to quit! I’m doing $5/hour tasks, rather than $500/hour value creation.”


Remove Fear, Doubt and Roadblocks

Your dream state:

Remove Roadblocks:

Follow the markers that others have set for you.

You are not alone. We are here to help you and your team avoid the rocky shore. We are a managed services partner for founders, CEOs and sales & marketing leaders to change how you scale your GTM strategies in a profitable way.


How do we help you?

We have six (6) services that buy back the $5/hr tasks from YOU and/or your sales & marketing team – so you can focus on $500/hr value creation. 

Start offshoring to profits now.

We also provide you and your team offshore best practices with two learning certifications:

Step #1 – Join our Community for unlimited access to best practices.

We have built this community for you to succeed.  The only way for you to maximize your experience is for us to also allow your team access to help you execute against your vision. Most communities are for founders / CEOs only. Not us. To maximize your experience, we allow both yourself and your team access to the community – so your vision is executed into reality.

We enable you, your team, and the offshore talent we place in your company.  We offer the following learning paths:

Outsourcing Operating System

  • Unlimited Access to the Learning Library & Certification program.
  • Available Private 1-on-1 Live Coaching Calls.

Offshore Talent Mastery

  • Mindset – Become a Competitive Advantage
  • Preparation – Ready for Success
  • Onboarding – First 100 Days to Impact
  • Productivity – Be a Lighthouse, Not a Tugboat
  • Growth – 10x your Opportunities

We also have Slack channels and WhatsApp groups dedicated to key questions you may have.

– Private Coaching Hotline: Book Here

Unlimited access to the Outsourcing Operating System:

The Why?

• Deconstructing your legacy bias
• Debunk offshoring myths
• Your Operating Competitive Advantage
• Developing your “WHY”
• Communicating your “WHY” to your team


• What is Zero-based Budgeting (ZBB)?
• What is an Operating Leverage Benchmark (OLB) Review?
• Transferring ZBB-to-OLB
• The 3 Levels of offshore talent
• Benchmark and identify offshoring opportunities


• Choose an Employment Model
• Choose a Talent Acquisition strategy
• Employment Contracts and Tax Responsibilities
• Benefits, Perks and Sweeteners
• Payment Processing Platforms
• Remote Collaboration Tools

Talent Acquisition

• Walk a Mile in your Candidates Shoes
• Small Details / Big Gains when attracting Talent
• Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) and Designing their Package
• Design your recruiting and filtering process


• If it Works Onshore, It Works Offshore
• Inclusion - we are all one team
• Communication - the power of the daily huddle
• Decision-Making - lead with a culture of Learning
• Strategic Thinking - Trust + Autonomy = unlocks Strategic Thinking
• 10-Minute Coaching Framework

Scaling Teams

• Thinking Bigger - pressure checking your initial OLB
• Can Offshore Talent Be Part Of Your Executive Leadership Team (ELT)?
• Level Up your Infrastructure at scale

Step #2 – Help you acquire, onboard and scale offshore talent.

Our primary goal is to help you rapidly become more productive and profitable. To accomplish this, we are redefining what a talent acquisition partnership looks like. We are a subscription service because operating leverage is a feedback loop:

We are not a traditional recruiter that shops talent. We are a community that enables you, your team and the offshore talent you acquire to become highly productive together.


Building your teams in Bangladesh

Don’t Just take our words for it

Learn from founders and CEOs like you.

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