There are hidden gems in every organization. A powerhouse of talent that often goes unnoticed. Today we’re pulling back the curtain to introduce you to some of our incredible teammates.

Here is what we’ll cover this week: 

  1. Your Past Failures Fuel For Your Future Wins
  2. Buy Back Your Time
  3. Grew to $3 Million, Missed the Opportunity to be $10 Million 

Your Past Failures Fuel For Your Future Wins

Founders, we all have been there. We launch a project, pour our hearts into it, and it crumbles and falls. We have this huge legacy bias that if something has been tried once and failed, we assume it can’t work for us ever again.

There are always 99 reasons why any initiative won’t work. And there’s one reason why it is wildly successful. 

Think about it –  hiring a virtual assistant (VA) for sales and marketing. Great idea, but it flopped. Maybe the process wasn’t defined, accountability wasn’t clear, or the right tools weren’t in place.

Let’s talk specifically about offshoring. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” That’s where many founders fall short. 

They don’t document processes or have a clear plan, making it impossible to hold anyone accountable.

At my previous company, we tried offering credit card payments. It was a mixed bag – half the customers wouldn’t use it. So, when I started my new company, Get Levrg, I could’ve assumed invoices were the only way to go.

But I learned from the past! I realized people will always choose the easiest option. So, Get Levrg ONLY accepts credit cards. It’s clear on our website, and guess what? 100% of customers pay by card. It was all about setting a clear expectation and holding everyone accountable.

Don’t let past failures define you. Learn from them, adapt, and turn them into stepping stones for future success. Don’t throw away valuable lessons just because they weren’t a perfect fit in the past.

Ready to turn your past lessons into future wins? Let Get Levrg be your partner!

Buy Back Your Time

Fellow Founder. You’re a superhero, tackling tasks that would bury mere mortals. You juggle five to ten jobs at once, that’s why you started your business, right? 

But listen to me: there’s a smarter way. You don’t need to do everything.

Here’s what you can do: find someone who tackles 80% of your workload. That’s 100% better than you doing it all! 

But don’t just hire anyone to do the things you hate. These tasks often fail if you don’t have a strong team. Why? Because you can’t:

  • Measure quality.
  • Coach them effectively.
  • Drive results. 

You simply don’t know what “great” looks like in these areas.

Those tasks like scheduling calls and updating CRMs are $5/hour work, not your $500/hour magic. Some amazing people can handle those $5/hour tasks. Let them! 

You, the superhero, focus on proposal calls, one after another. More calls, more wins, that’s how you grow. Your magic is winning new clients and growing existing ones. Making proposal calls to land new clients, that’s $500/hour work.

The replacement ladder explains from Dan Martell’s Buy Back Your Time book helps you visualize where and how you can stuck and how you can win back your time. 

That is what’s going to grow the business. Focus on buying back your time to do more of the most important things in the business not just hand over things you hate doing.

Grew to $3 Million, Missed the Opportunity to be $10 Million 

Ever wonder what it’s like to build a wildly successful company?  I’m here to tell you my story – a story of explosive growth, a critical misstep, and the lessons learned along the way.

My first company, Sales for Life, rode a social selling wave. We were at the forefront of a revolutionary sales methodology. 

It was perfectly timed with the rise of social media. From 0 to $3 million, we scaled rapidly. 

Here’s what fueled our success:

  • We pioneered virtual instructor-led training. It allowed us to reach a global audience.
  • Our Learning Management System was housed in a centralized platform for easy access.
  • We offered unlimited training for a fixed cost, attracting large enterprises.

What’s my misstep then? We stalled growth at $3 million.

While  $3 million is impressive, it could have been so much more. Looking back, I have a burning regret: we never cracked the $10 million barrier.

What was the bottleneck? It was founder-Led Sales. I got stuck in the “founder-led sales” trap.  Dan Martell’s “replacement ladder” concept perfectly illustrates this. 

Businesses stall when founders get bogged down in the details, and unable to delegate.

Sales Engineer by Default: I was the sales engineer, closing most deals myself. This meant I spent countless hours on sales calls over a decade. I was booking 80 flights a year for 5-6 years.

I wasn’t focusing on the most critical tasks:

  • Scaling the Sales Team: Building a high-performing sales team could have freed me up.
  • Channeling Growth: Developing a strong channel ecosystem would have brought in more leads.
  • Content Marketing Efficiency: Focusing on the right marketing strategies could have lowered acquisition costs.

Sales for Life grew to $3 million but stagnated there. We were missing the key ingredient: a supporting cast. That’s when

Get Levrg is built on the lessons I learned. We help founders break free from the “founder-led sales”  prison. Our offshore teams handle the $5/hour tasks, allowing you to focus on the high-value activities that drive growth.

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