Get offshore leverage

I’ve seen it so many times.  The Founders of a professional services firm are ready to scale.  They’ve grown primarily through referrals for +10 years, and now they want to develop a sales team.

Challenge – who’s going to actually prospect?  It’s the social networks of the partners that have all the horsepower, not the rank & file associates on the team…

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

  1. Who’s going to prospect for us Partners in our professional services company?
  2. How offshore SDR’s prospect via your email / LinkedIn.
  3. Dialling in your social media marketing videos with SOPs.

Who’s going to prospect for our Partners in my professional services company?

There is a solution to this challenge.  

Solution – separate activities within prospecting into:

$5/hr Tasks


$500/hr Value Creation

The activity of sending a message via email, or through someone’s LinkedIn profile = $5/hr.

The strategy behind which CXO’s in your social network to engage, and what stories to tell = $500/hr.

Our customers are seeing a new reality for the Founders / Partners of the firm.

Step 1 – acquire an offshore Virtual Assistant / BDR.

Step 2 – allow them to VPN into your LinkedIn and provide an email address = to Founders / Partners.

Step 3 – Founders / Partners sit back and enjoy the outcomes roll in.  50 LinkedIn messages everyday start to compound really, really fast if you have a strong LinkedIn network.

Sales Qualified Lead after Sales Qualified Lead (SQL’s) start to roll in.

The Founders / Partners only needed to:

  • Commit to hiring offshore
  • Commit to a new sales process that was foreign to them
  • Help design the framework for the campaign (ICP information, account qualification, messaging).

Once you begin this journey you’ll be upset at yourself that you didn’t start earlier.

How offshore BDR’s prospect via your email / LinkedIn.

Let’s get tactical.  Expanding on the 1st article, here are the mechanics of how we turn the theory of prospecting in a professional services firm – into reality.

What do you need?

  1. VPN Remote log in (can use Zoho Assist, Zoom, TeamViewer, RustDesk, etc.)
  2. A 2nd laptop
  3. An alternative sub-domain email (example – your email is [email protected], your prospecting email is first initial.last [email protected]).

How does it work?

LinkedIn – the world’s business database at your fingertips.  What you’re trying to avoid is allowing someone to log into your account from anywhere in the world, using your username + password.  That’s a red flag.

But, you can prospect on LinkedIn (conservatively 50 messages daily) for years, IF you:

  • Prospect during normal business hours for your timezone
  • Prospect within a typical VPN network that your machine frequents.

How do you mirror this process?  Have your offshore BDR become you.  They log into your computer using a remote access tool, and mirror you prospecting on LinkedIn.  Your network, your messaging, just saving you hours and hours a day.

You’ll want the 2nd laptop so you can continue working during the same timelines.

Email – you want to recreate your prospecting experience via email.  You will need a “warmed up” sub-domain that allows your prospect to:

  • Engage with prospects and respond to their inquiries


  • Isn’t harming your personal day-to-day email “reputation” by over prospecting.

Again, we have found that <50 highly tailored messages per day (while sub-scale) is effective at opening doors without sinking the domain reputation.

Happy Hunting!

Dialing in your social media marketing videos with SOPs.

If you are as committed to content marketing as we are, you make a lot of content, make a lot of mistakes and ideally learn to optimize.

Asking your offshore marketing team to “make the videos better” is not a set of instructions that make sense.  You need to look at the structure of a video and dissect best practices…

THEN DOCUMENT THAT PROCESS.  This is called a Standard Operating Procedure.  You want your videos to come out of a factory for scale.

Over the years we’ve learnt about Thumbnails, Hooks, Calls-to-Action, etc.

Video now (optimized for YouTube Shorts)

Versus a video +1 year ago that wasn’t:

Don’t make assumptions with your team.  Design a playbook (documented in written and video format) that clearly outlines the steps and optimization process of your content.

Don’t Forget – Download a Standard Operating Procedures template here.