Get offshore leverage

Bottleneck demotivates us founders. We run a mile a minute, but asking us to grind down into the details can be soul-sucking. Where I see founders get frustrated is the minutiae of HR details with a dedicated team (onshore and offshore). But specific to offshore, we founders think about the strategic projects that talent can focus on, not the details of which payroll platform to use overseas.

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

  1. UNLOCK – How to Manage your Offshore Talent to take the Administrative headaches away.
  2. Why LinkedIn prospecting is 5-10x more productive than email marketing.
  3. What are the timelines to – Recruit, Onboard, and make offshore talent Productive?

UNLOCK – How to Manage your Offshore Talent to take the Administrative headaches away.

You’re ready.

You know you want to hire offshore. Amazing – let’s get started.  But, have you considered the following “devils in the details”?  

  • Payroll Platform
  • Tax Remittance
  • Infrastructure (internet, computers, software, VPN, lighting, chairs, etc.)
  • Live office
  • Internet Issues in a Home Office Environment
  • Absentee / Productivity – who’s helping with day-to-day accountability in the field?

How do we make sure we get the most out of the team?

There is a simple solution:

  1. We hire talent for you, dedicated to you.
  1. We take over operational headaches (All Infrastructure To Success).

All you need to do is focus on the programs/projects that your talent will focus on… that’s it.

This is perfect for the type of Founder / CEO who:

  1. Knows what they want (deliverables/outcomes) but is self-aware enough to know Operations / HR is not their strong suit.
  1. In-office culture is important to you. Your talent would be in a co-working space in our offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh with fellow offshore talent.

Check out the Manage Package as you explore options.

Why LinkedIn prospecting is 5-10x more productive than email marketing.

You’re a Founder / CEO… but more importantly – YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER in your market. You are most likely the rainmaker for the business. Whether you like it or not, founder-led sales might not be your preference, but it’s still a key ingredient to growth.  

However, not all mediums of communication for prospecting are created equal.

Bold statement (but I pioneered Social Selling 10 years ago and have trained 500,000 sellers around the world in +600 companies)…

LinkedIn for prospecting outperforms email by 5-10x

Your LinkedIn profile is an untapped resource.

  1. You have a Total Addressable Market right in front of you:

You have the ability to communicate with thousands of prospects in a more personalized experience than email.

  1. LinkedIn messages have “Double Potency”

When you send an email, there are many barriers to deliverability:

  • Most companies fail the Mail Tester and don’t realize their email systems have the credit score of a bankrupt student.
  • EAs that read and block emails from the decision-makers.
  • Nameless, faceless robot-like messages.

Above is an email that LinkedIn sends to the email account tied to your LinkedIn profile. 70% of your prospects have their Gmail tied to LinkedIn, while 99% of people have their Gmail also tied to their mobile phones!  🤯

MEANING – your message is in 2 places:

  1. The Inbox on LinkedIn
  2. The Inbox of the email tied to LinkedIn, and now highlighted on their mobile phone

And with no EA gatekeeper reading and deleting those messages.

  1. Ability to communicate like a Chat

I book a sales opportunity nearly every day in my company via LinkedIn. Here is a Sales Qualified Lead from yesterday. This is a conversation that feels like a Chat. Much more personalized.

It’s critical you consider your LinkedIn profile as a fountain of leads that can be opened. This is why we created Digital Prospector for us Founders / CEOs… Influencers!

What are the timelines to – Recruit, Onboard, and make offshore talent Productive?

This is a common question I get from Founders – timeline to success. We all need outcomes yesterday, so this is a very natural question. Here is a timeline you should focus on.

Steps to Outcomes:

  1. Talent Submission Form – we interview you to capture the details about the role(s) you are hiring for.  This ensures we are in lockstep together.

  1. Approx. 2 weeks is Talent Filtering and Select Final Candidates.

  1. Case Studies and Move to Offer – I’m a huge believer in testing talent against the skills/requirements of the role, and then asking that talent to defend their results in a case study. You are given a glimpse into their decision-making process and ability to strategically think through a challenge.  Once the offer is made and accepted, typically the talent needs to give 2-4 weeks’ notice to their current employer.

  1. Onboarding / SOP development – Always (if possible) use time before the start date to document an SOP. If you need a sample template, here is one for you: For Level 1 Support talent (we call “Crew”), you should have that teammate onboarded in < 2 weeks.

End of the 1st month you want Productivity. You want the talent market to deliver you outcomes.

TOTAL TIME = < 60 days.

Don’t Forget – Benchmark where your internal talent is spending time on $5/hr Tasks, and how you can Centralize Offshore.