Founders, you have to stop chasing low-value prospecting tasks on LinkedIn. When you navigate the bustling waters of business growth, you become intimately familiar with the weight each decision carries and the impact of every network you weave.

It’s the kind of strategic maneuver that can chart the course of your company’s outreach and set the sails for unprecedented business expansion.

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

  1. The 7 Campaigns Prospecting on LinkedIn That Are Crushing It
  2. Your Website is More Than Just a Digital Presence–It’s Your Ultimate Salesperson

The 7 Campaigns Prospecting on LinkedIn That Are Crushing It

Founders, CEOs, and Chief Revenue Officers,

If you’re still at the helm of founder-led sales or steering the ship in early-growth businesses, you know the importance of every action you take and every connection you make.

For those in larger organizations, you’re probably well aware that while prospecting on LinkedIn might feel like a $5 per hour task due to its repetitive nature, the outcomes are more akin to $500 per hour.

It’s a high-leverage activity that can define the success of your business development efforts. 

This is why we at Get Levrg have developed a tool that is changing the game for proactive leaders like you: Digital Prospector. 

This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with your LinkedIn profile, allowing you to conduct powerful, campaign-based prospecting while you focus on other strategic aspects of your business. Today, I’m excited to share with you the seven types of LinkedIn prospecting campaigns that are not just performing well—they’re crushing it.

1. Messenger Campaigns: Reactivate and Engage

At the heart of our approach are Messenger Campaigns, designed to re-energize your existing first-degree connections. These campaigns are tailored to remind your contacts of your value and awaken dormant opportunities.

Campaign #1: Blast from the Past

We’re reconnecting to old business relationships many times. These could be sales-qualified leads. 

The Blast from the Past campaign helps you reconnect with dormant connections by showcasing your latest innovations and insights. 

Those old business relationships to meet with you to see what’s new in your life and to learn from you because they’ve been following you for years on that.

Campaign #2: Pipeline Coverage and Nurturing

Every “almost-customer” is a dormant seed that might still sprout. 

Our second campaign nurtures these near-misses by sharing tailored:  

  • best practices
  • benchmarking surveys
  • insights 

We do it every week—without pushing too hard. It’s about staying top of mind, so when they’re ready to make a decision, your name is the first that comes to mind.

Campaign #3: Gain Feedback on New Solutions

Before you go broad, go deep. 

This campaign reaches out to a select group of your first-degree contacts to test new ideas and innovations. 

It’s a chance for them to be early adopters and for you to refine your offerings based on their valuable feedback. This collaborative approach not only enhances your product but strengthens your relationships.

2. Connector Campaigns: Expand Your Reach

Moving beyond your immediate network, our Connector Campaigns aim to convert your second and third-degree connections into first-degree opportunities.

Campaign #4: Time for Knowledge Exchange

Imagine exchanging thirty minutes of your time for a deep dive into exclusive insights not found on the front page of Google. 

Our fourth campaign offers just that—a knowledge exchange that promises to deliver value that’s both tangible and transformative. 

Whether it’s a personalized report or a diagnostic session, we ensure that what you offer is as valuable as the time they invest.

Campaign #5: Explore a Learning Community

Networking is about more than just adding contacts—it’s about creating communities. 

This campaign taps into the power of learning together by inviting new connections into masterminds or groups where they can access concentrated expertise and peer-to-peer learning. 

Whether it’s a masterclass in SEO or insights from selling a company, this is about building a vibrant ecosystem where knowledge is the currency.

Campaign #6: Upcoming Compelling Events

There’s nothing like a fixed deadline to spur action. 

Our sixth campaign focuses on inviting new connections to timely and compelling events—be it live workshops, webinars, or exclusive dinners. 

This campaign creates a natural urgency, offering a clear and simple decision point that can turn a maybe into a definitive yes.

3. Events Campaign: Engage at Scale

Finally, our Events Campaign leverages the power of LinkedIn Live to broadcast your message to a wide audience. 

From hosting live discussions to conducting interactive webinars, this approach allows you to engage with hundreds of professionals at once, providing a platform for real-time interaction and immediate feedback.

Campaign #7: LinkedIn Live – A Webinar Reimagined

Do you remember the popularity of webinars in the 2010s? 

We’re bringing it back, better than before, with LinkedIn Live. 

You invite up to a thousand connections weekly to join live sessions where you can share insights, answer questions, and interact with your audience in real time. 

It’s about creating a dynamic and engaging online event experience that’s both informative and interactive.

As you integrate these campaigns into your LinkedIn strategy, remember that each one is designed to complement and enhance your existing efforts. Whether you’re rekindling old relationships, forging new ones, or engaging at scale, Digital Prospector by Get Levrg is your partner in transforming LinkedIn prospect

Your Website is More Than Just a Digital Presence–It’s Your Ultimate Salesperson

As someone who has navigated the evolution of digital sales and marketing over the last 15 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation of websites from mere digital brochures to critical, dynamic tools in the buying journey. 

Today, I want to emphasize a crucial shift in perception that could redefine your approach to digital engagement: Your website is your shop window.

In the past, a website refresh was an annual ritual—akin to a new coat of paint on your storefront. 

However, as the business landscape has morphed from straightforward B2B and B2C to the intricate paths of D2C (Direct-to-Consumer), the role of your website has profoundly evolved.

We’re no longer in an era where a static site suffices. Your website needs to be as dynamic and engaging as your social media presence.

Consider this: Studies by Gartner suggest that nearly 80% of the buying journey is now completed without direct contact with sales professionals.

Prospects move through critical decision-making stages—recognizing a problem, considering a change, and finally deciding who can resolve their issue—primarily online.


This journey largely unfolds on your website, which means every aspect of your site must be engineered to inform, persuade, and convert.

Your website should address the fundamental questions any prospective client might have:

Why Change?

– Your content should ignite recognition of their pain points, often initiated through engaging articles, insightful blog posts, or compelling case studies.

How to Change? 

– Once they acknowledge the need for change, your website should guide them through the ‘how’. This is where rich resources like whitepapers, ebooks, and educational webinars play a pivotal role.

Who to Partner With? 

– Finally, your website must convincingly answer why your company is the best choice for implementing this change. Detailed service descriptions, transparent pricing, customer testimonials, and comprehensive FAQs should be readily accessible to build trust and affirm your expertise.

At Get Levrg, we treat our website as a proactive member of our sales team. It’s set up to be transparent, informative, and compelling—designed to convert interest into action without any barriers.

To truly leverage your website’s potential, consider it not just a platform for information, but as a strategic tool designed to engage, educate, and convert prospects, 24/7. 

As you reflect on this, ask yourself: Is your website merely surviving the digital evolution, or is it thriving as a proactive participant in your sales process?

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