Marketing as I sleep.

Get offshore leverage Every morning I wake up to a Trello Report of marketing tasks completed as I sleep. This is not fantasy land. This is a daily execution that has helped our start-up grow from $0 to 6 figures in < 6 months. Here is the process. Here is what we’ll cover this week: Marketing as I […]

Contingent Recruiting models short-change you on talent

Get offshore leverage You’ve heard the sayings: This will be a theme in this newsletter. Here is what we’ll cover this week: Contingent Recruiting models short-change you on talent. Are you familiar with the concept of Active vs. Passive candidates? If not, here is a great article from Randstad to help. Active – talent that is […]

UNLOCK – How to Manage your Offshore Talent to take the Administrative headaches away.

Get offshore leverage Bottleneck demotivates us founders. We run a mile a minute, but asking us to grind down into the details can be soul-sucking. Where I see founders get frustrated is the minutiae of HR details with a dedicated team (onshore and offshore). But specific to offshore, we founders think about the strategic projects that talent can […]

Unlocking past “Closed Lost” deals with an offshore team

Get Offshore Leverage The average sales organization will close between 20% to 25% of their sales-qualified opportunities, commonly referred to as SQL’s.  That means 3 or 4 opportunities for every new customer you win, will be “Closed Lost”.  Statistically, you’re most likely losing these deals to Status Quo, not a competitor.  This means there is […]