Stop piling up your To-Do list. Don’t work on $5/hr Tasks.

Submit your Tasks to us, go to sleep, and it’s completed when you wake up.

$797/month Normally $999/mo


VA Doing $5/hour Tasks for You

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How does it work?

Step 1

We partner you with an offshore virtual assistant (VA) in our office.

Step 2

Submit your tasks and projects to us in the format you want (Email, WhatsApp, Video) and we’ll process your request with 100% transparency to the completion timeline.

Step 3

Like magic, your requests are completed. No employment hassles, all outcomes.

What can I expect as deliverables and outcomes?

The average customer submits a request before going to sleep, and the request is acknowledged, organized and completed / readied for completion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Under 2 weeks and we are live engaging your industry on LinkedIn.

Nothing specific. We aim to work within your natural workflow (email and/or WhatsApp) for all tasks and projects. We manage everything within our tech stack. If the project requires a license to a special tool/platform to complete the project, we’ll let you know.

We have Standard Operating Procedures for general VA work (email, calendar, travel, etc.). Anything specific to you, we will document a playbook for.


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What’s Included:

Unlimited On-Demand Sessions

Mindset - Become a Competitive Advantage

Preparation - Ready for Success

Onboarding - First 100 Days to Impact

Productivity - Be a Lighthouse, Not a Tugboat

Growth - 10x your Opportunities

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