Create 5-10x more profit per head with sales & marketing support in Bangladesh.

Get sales & marketing support that changes your operating leverage in under 2 weeks.

$397/month Normally $499/mo



You are watching your existing team work on $5/hr tasks when you know they should be working on $500/hr value creation. Your team is overworked, unhappy, and frustrated they can’t focus on the big, strategic projects.

Challenge & Opportunity

You can’t pay more for talent than you already do. Your margins are already squeezed. You also have tasks, projects and initiatives that go unfinished because you don’t have the resources.

You know that if you changed your sales & marketing support costs, you would dramatically improve your Cost of Customer Acquisition and Margins.


Recruit by Get Levrg. We are your talent acquisition partner, always here to help guide, acquire and enable your new offshore team. Measure Twice, Cut Once as we find the best, most cost-effective talent in the world, so you can scale within weeks. Our Recruit package is ideal for hiring one (1) role and can also scale infinitely as you need.

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up and we automatically enroll you into the Outsourcing Operating System.

Step 2

We schedule an onboarding call to ensure you understand how to best navigate and utilize the program and we co-develop a talent acquisition strategy.

Step 3

Leveraging our 5-Step Talent Acquisition Strategy, we identify and present you candidate finalists within < 2 weeks.

Step 4

Book unlimited Private 1-on-1 Coaching Call to explore topics in greater depth.

You now have an offshoring Recruitment Partner.

How much do you pay them?

Salary starts at $350/month

What do you need to succeed?

What can I expect as deliverables and outcomes?

The average customer is hiring their next offshore talent in < 2 weeks.

All deliverables in this section are on a Monthly basis. The term “Days” in this context pertains to working days, observed from Sunday (10 PM EST to 7 AM EST) to Thursday, with Fridays and Saturdays designated as weekends. Any feedback provided during the working days will be processed within a timeframe of 24-48 hours from the time of submission.

Deliverables and SLA

Onboarding and Talent Submission:

• Live 30-Minute Onboarding Launch Call, featuring a Talent Submission Request interview to contextualize each talent search.

Streamlined Recruitment Process:

• We submit one (1) vetted candidate at a time, and we highly recommend trusting our process for a seamless recruitment experience.

Comprehensive Support:

• Assistance in hiring, onboarding, and setting up payment processing for your new talent, with the optional availability to hire multiple roles (see Additional Hires).

Learning Opportunities:

• A year of Thinkific Learning Portal access with courses tailored for CXOs (Outsource To Profits) and offshore talent (Global Talent Mastery) featuring videos, downloadable workflow documents, and resource guides.

Continuous Support:

• 1-year unlimited access to schedule 15-minute coaching sessions.

Imagine having offshore talent executing against your key projects and initiatives within weeks.

What can I expect as deliverables and outcomes?

The average customer is hiring their next offshore talent in < 2 weeks.


Imagine having offshore talent executing against your key projects and initiatives within weeks.

What will I learn?

The Why?

• Deconstructing your legacy bias
• Debunk offshoring myths
• Your Operating Competitive Advantage
• Developing your “WHY”
• Communicating your “WHY” to your team


• What is Zero-based Budgeting (ZBB)?
• What is an Operating Leverage Benchmark (OLB) Review?
• Transferring ZBB-to-OLB
• The 3 Levels of offshore talent
• Benchmark and identify offshoring opportunities


• Choose an Employment Model
• Choose a Talent Acquisition strategy
• Employment Contracts and Tax Responsibilities
• Benefits, Perks and Sweeteners
• Payment Processing Platforms
• Remote Collaboration Tools

Talent Acquisition

• Walk a Mile in your Candidates Shoes
• Small Details / Big Gains when attracting Talent
• Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) and Designing their Package
• Design your recruiting and filtering process


• If it Works Onshore, It Works Offshore
• Inclusion - we are all one team
• Communication - the power of the daily huddle
• Decision-Making - lead with a culture of Learning
• Strategic Thinking - Trust + Autonomy = unlocks Strategic Thinking
• 10-Minute Coaching Framework

Scaling Teams

• Thinking Bigger - pressure checking your initial OLB
• Can Offshore Talent Be Part Of Your Executive Leadership Team (ELT)?
• Level Up your Infrastructure at scale

What roles can I acquire?

We focus on sales & marketing support roles. You can be very specific (such as a Shopify eCommerce marketing specialist), or generalist (sales support). Here are common roles:


• Lead Development Representative
• Sales Development Representative
• Business Development Representative
• Sales Operations
• Customer Support


• Content Marketing
• Video Editor
• Paid Media Manager
• SEO Manager
• eCommerce Manager
• Marketing Operations
• Events Coordinator

Onboarding checklist

You are granted access to the Outsourcing Operating System automatically upon Subscription.

We conduct a survey during onboarding to help us tailor our coaching sessions and develop a talent acquisition strategy.

We schedule a coaching session to ensure the Learning is turning into Execution.

We are presenting you finalist candidates within < 2 weeks of being ready to hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

100%. The Recruit Package is a perfect way to hire that missing ingredient to your team. We have found that customers start to think of scaling an entire Digital Prospecting team, or Marketing Support team, and prefer that we provide the Manage or “Done for You” service at scale.

These platforms or partners are all great.  Here is what we focus on:

  1. Sales & Marketing Support.  We have run Sales for Life & Pipeline Signals for +10 years, which are multi-million dollar businesses and +50 offshore hires in sales & marketing.  We are the best in the world at scaling these functions.


  2. Bangladesh.  The talent-to-labor arbitrage opportunity there is second to none.  It’s typically 50% the cost of the Philippines with equal to superior execution.

  3. Enablement & Coaching.  This is where we shine.  We aren’t giving you the keys to a giant marketplace for you to squirrel through or a recruitment firm for hire.  We are an offshoring partner that centers around Learning.  “Fish for someone and they will eat for a day, teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifetime”.

This is why we are a subscription, not a cost-per-hire.  We partner with our customers to be their Coach-in-a-Box.


Ready to learn all about Offshoring?

Join the community with two options


Quarterly Plan:
Billed Quarterly
Monthly Plan:
Billed Monthly

What’s Included:

One Live 30-Minute Private Coaching

Recruiting-as-a-Service. This price allows us to Attract, Hire and Onboard talent continuously for you. This includes One (1) Hire At A Time.

6 Courses to leverage:

Mindset - Operating Advantage

Operating Leverage Benchmarking

Infrastructure For Success

Talent Onboarding Strategies

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Scaling Teams - Go Bigger & Faster

Mindset - Become a Competitive Advantage

Preparation - Ready for Success

Onboarding - First 100 Days to Impact

Productivity - Be a Lighthouse, Not a Tugboat

Growth - 10x your Opportunities

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