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For months or even years, you've contemplated diving into social media marketing, yet the execution keeps hitting roadblocks

Challenge & Opportunity

Where do you start? Ensuring regular posting on social media can be daunting and content creation has its own layer of complexities and expenses.

We take that Headache away from you and unleash the power of social media content for you.


Social Media and Content by Get Levrg. We are your offshore outcome partner. We will ensure boundless opportunities to connect authentically, engage meaningfully, and propel your brand's story forward in the digital realm

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up and we automatically enroll you into the Outsourcing Operating System.

Step 2

We schedule an onboarding call to ensure you understand the goals / outcomes, milestones / objectives and expected actions & activities for our partnership.

Step 3

We start executing against the tasks / programs < 2 weeks.

Step 4

Provide you a weekly KPI report (we leverage the Vision/Traction Organizer from EOS).

Step 5

We host a monthly partnership roundtable to polish the processes, deliverables and outcomes.

You now have an offshoring Outcome Partner.

What do you need to succeed?

What can I expect as deliverables and outcomes?

We are in the market as your social media marketing support in < 2 weeks.


15 unique posts spread across social channels you care about.

2 long-form edited videos for social channels.

Or 10 short-form videos for social media (adjust).

2 to 4 blog posts uploaded and optimized for SEO.

Copy for all social media posts.  & design and published.

15 to 20 custom graphics for blogs, social media, and any other campaigns.

Monthly comprehensive report of all marketing KPIs.

Weekly Ongoing tracking and optimization recommendations.

Quarterly marketing plan updates, as directed by the Fractional Marketing Manager/Project Manager.

Weekly update on the progress or tasks.

Imagine having an offshore agency for social media marketing support at a fraction of the cost of onshore agencies.
social media marketing support

What are common outcomes?

Social Media Management
Social Media Posting
Long Video
Short Video

Onboarding checklist

You are granted access to the Outsourcing Operating System automatically upon Subscription.

We conduct a survey during onboarding to help us develop the goals / outcomes, milestones / objectives and expected actions & activities for our partnership.

We start executing against the tasks / programs < 2 weeks

Provide you a weekly KPI report (we leverage the Vision/Traction Organizer from EOS).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what we focus on as SPECIALISTS, not GENERALISTS.

  1. Sales & Marketing Support. We have run Sales for Life & Pipeline Signals for +10 years, which are multi-million dollar businesses and +50 offshore hires in sales & marketing. We are the best in the world at scaling these functions.
  2. Bangladesh. The talent-to-labor arbitrage opportunity there is second to none. This is how we can take over entire programs and initiatives for you at the cost of 1 onshore employee in North America. 


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Social Media and Content Team

Quarterly Plan:
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Monthly Plan:
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What’s Included:

Social Media Marketing

Video Production

Written Content & SEO

Graphic Design & Branding

Analytics & Reporting

Strategy & Planning

Unlimited On-Demand Sessions

Social Media Manager

Video Editor

Graphic Designer

Content Writer

6 Courses to leverage:

Mindset - Operating Advantage

Operating Leverage Benchmarking

Infrastructure For Success

Talent Onboarding Strategies

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Scaling Teams - Go Bigger & Faster

Mindset - Become a Competitive Advantage

Preparation - Ready for Success

Onboarding - First 100 Days to Impact

Productivity - Be a Lighthouse, Not a Tugboat

Growth - 10x your Opportunities

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