Professional Services = People, People = Profits

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Founders, you have to stop chasing low-value prospecting tasks on LinkedIn. When you navigate the bustling waters of business growth, you become intimately familiar with the weight each decision carries and the impact of every network you weave.

It’s the kind of strategic maneuver that can chart the course of your company’s outreach and set the sails for unprecedented business expansion.

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

  1. Professional Services = People, People = Profits
  2. My Emotional State Changed When My Virtual Assistant Controlled My Email and Calendar

Professional Services = People, People = Profits

Ever wondered why over 80% of our leads are coming from Professional Services companies?

It’s simple. These businesses are all about people. They’re about talented individuals with laptops and ideas, working in an office to produce outcomes for their customers.

But here’s the catch – people are also their greatest operational expense. In a Professional Services firm, the cost of people far outweighs any other expense. More than rent, more than software, by a magnitude.

These companies make money off the arbitrage between what they pay their talent and what they charge their customers. But what happens when talent costs are too high relative to the service fees the market is willing to bear? You’re left with very little profit, no profit, or even a loss.

Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Twenty years ago, I started in commercial real estate, a 100% commission-based job. I was paid more than most of my friends who were taking jobs at agencies. But that’s not the reality anymore.

  • Operational expenses have dramatically outpaced service fees and revenue
  • Inflation and salary costs are growing exponentially faster than the fees you can charge your customers

This has led to margin erosion and very little profit, if any.

So, what’s the solution? It’s time to look at your operational expenses, especially in your sales and marketing costs.

Are you paying an astronomical amount of money for tasks like building lists, doing market research, updating CRM notes, posting on social media, building graphic images, writing newsletters, and more?

Here’s the good news. There’s incredible talent around the world that you can afford, talent that won’t erode your margins. This allows you to become more profitable, and more competitive and gives you more price elasticity. It allows you to service your customers better, put more talent on your customer accounts, and gives you so many more options.

That’s the key thing here – optionality. So, let’s start making people equal profits again.

My Emotional State Changed When My Virtual Assistant Controlled My Email and Calendar

I want to share a personal story about how my emotional state transformed when I hired a ​virtual assistant​ to manage my email and calendar. This change allowed me to reflect on my life and business with a fresh perspective.

Looking back at my business journey over the past six months, a year, or even ten years, I realize that growing a business is like growing up.

Just as we marvel at the decisions we made in our youth, we often look back at our entrepreneurial decisions with amazement. Early in my career, I saw the world in black and white, with every decision seeming urgent and critical.

A few years ago, before having a virtual assistant, I felt imprisoned by the constant barrage of messages. My day revolved around serving my devices

  • Emails
  • Calendar
  • WhatsApp

Every time I saw a block in my calendar, I thought it was a chance to work on something meaningful, but I’d inevitably get pulled back into reacting to emails and calendar invites.

Here’s a bold statement: Email is other people’s priorities, not your own. What I didn’t realize was that every time I said yes to something, I was saying no to something else—often more important tasks like:

  • Building a better sales pipeline
  • Improving service delivery
  • Developing new intellectual property

The constant switching between emails from bankers, customers, prospects, and internal teams took an emotional toll. The switching costs were high, both emotionally and in terms of productivity.

The opportunity lies in buying back that time. By delegating email and calendar management to a virtual assistant, I could focus on the bigger picture for my business. This shift not only improved my productivity but also significantly boosted my happiness.

Speaking of happiness, I want to highlight the importance of customer satisfaction. We now have a new Google Reviews page, and though it’s not fully optimized, we’ve already received five reviews.

These reviews are a testament to the positive impact we’ve had on our customers. Their stories are powerful and reflect the value we strive to provide.

In conclusion, consider how you can delegate and optimize your time. By doing so, you can focus on what truly matters and unlock greater happiness and success in your business.

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