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We have launched! It feels so great to put our IP and best practices on the page and give this to the world. I’m really excited for your feedback!

Here is what we’re going to explore this week:

  1. Outsource To Profits – how Founders are accelerating profits via Offshore Sales & Marketing Support
  2. Collective 54 Founders Summit – what I learned
  3. Pulling the thread on the offshore sales support Pod.

Outsource To Profits – book for Founders accelerating profits via Offshore Sales & Marketing Support

I’ll admit something to you… I was quite nervous to start Get Levrg. In fact, the company launched 3 years after I really wanted to launch the company in 2020, but I wasn’t ready. I also had other fears and apprehensions to overcome:

  • How do people perceive offshoring?  Dirty? Unethical?
  • What would my sales community think on social media after building that community for 10 years?

So many other fears swirled in my head for years.  But over that time, I would coach founders on what I’d learned over the last 6 years of offshoring. It was so clear that the market was so immature to offshoring best practices.

It’s also become super clear to me that this market is much, much larger and critical than I anticipated.

So this book is for you, the Founder & CEO who is:

  1. Frustrated with your Profit Margins & Gross Margins
  2. Stuck working ON the business, not IN the business
  3. Constantly see employees quit because they are working on low-level tasks, not strategy

There is an alternative way to support your sales & marketing efforts at 1/5th to 1/10th the cost of local employees – look to offshore talent.

Check it out multiple ways on Amazon.

If you are a Founder who Reposts this Link and DM Jamie Shanks on LinkedIn, I’ll send you a free, signed book.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Collective 54 Founders Summit – what I learned

Collective 54 is the premier Founder / CEO community & mastermind for professional services organizations (PSOs) – from agencies, and firms to tech-enabled services. This week was the inaugural Founders Summit in Dallas, TX at Hotel Dover (in the historical Stockyards district). 

What makes Collective 54 different from other networking groups like EO, Vintage, etc. (which I’ve been a member of a few others like EO) is that your peers eat, sleep, and work on a business with the EXACT same lifecycles, metrics, and human capital challenges. Everyone thinks about Profit. Everyone thinks about Margins. Everyone thinks about Yield / Utilization / Time.

What I walked away from the event hearing is economic duality – founders are excited about their future because they gave a community like Collective 54, but also quite pessimistic about the next 2-3 years market conditions.

Here are a few takeaways that will really help you think about how operating leverage can change your business:

“There is room to raise your prices” – Big Time Software CEO, Brian Saunders

Brian mentioned on stage that the wisdom from Vista Equity was that EVERYONE needs to be raising prices.  In their POV, most companies are undercharging from their value. And considering their operational expenses with onshore talent, their margins are too tight. Creating Yield through labor arbitrage allows you to accomplish the same thing:

  • Keep prices the same, and become more profitable.
  • Offshore labor allows you to even lower prices (if you want to) to drown out competitors.
  • Raise prices and create more profits than your industry peers.

Having a VA is not only cool but also Standard Operating Procedures

There were +140 Founders in the room, and many, many, many have a VA, or starting to recruit and onboard a VA. They are all recognizing that their time back into their business can create superhuman powers.

The offshore VA used to be a novelty, but now it’s Standard Operating Procedures.  For $300 – $400 USD you can have your own personal VA to:

  • Manage your entire calendar
  • Manage your entire email inbox
  • Manage all your To-Do’s, Tasks, Priority Lists
  • Manage all your travel
  • Manage to collect all internal/external documents you need

Essentially it is your eyes and ears.

Content Marketing takes 1-2 years to start paying dividends, so plant that tree today

Net new customer acquisition was a major theme on Day 1. Everyone was hurting for leads. Many founders wanted to up their content marketing game but didn’t know where to start.

Step 1 is recognizing that content marketing is exactly like planting a tree. The best time to plant was 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is now.

The rule of thumb is to reinvest at least 20%, more like 30% of revenue back into sales & marketing.

Designing a robust content marketing support team offshore looks like this:

Budget = $3,000-$4,000/mo to do it yourself, or $4,799/mo for us to do “Done For You”.

This provides you with the entire solution:

  • Fractional CMO + Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager / Events Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Design
  • Optional Paid Media experts, CRM experts, etc.

If you’re not Account-based Prospecting, you’re going to be left behind in 2024.

Outbound prospecting has become a big topic.  What’s clear is that email deliverability is all but dead.  We heard horror stories of companies that scaled up their Outreach, SalesLoft, and Apollo tools to only find out their email domains were blacklisted and shut down.  100% of their emails were ending up in junk boxes.

As a Founder, you can open 5-10x the “doors-per-knock” because buyers want to learn from Founders.  Use this to your advantage, and consider an alternative way to prospecting.

Check out Digital Prospector when you get a chance.

Pulling the thread on the offshore sales support Pod

I’ve been asked about an idea that I want to just put out to the world.

What if sellers are struggling to meet quota attainment primarily due to poor Time Management, and spending WAY, WAY too much of their week on $5/hour tasks?  I watch this all the time. Sellers spend >50% of their week on non-sales tasks, and studies by Hubspot have shown that it’s as high as 64% of their week.

That’s a massive loss of yield and leverage.

But what if…

In the Founder / CEO community, we talk incessantly about virtual assistants to “buy back our time”. But then we Founders / CEOs and our fellow CROs tell our sellers to be “the CEO of their own territory”… while then saddling them with $5/hour tasks.

What if we treated our sellers’ time as precisely as we aim to treat our own?

Image a Pod.  2-4 Account Executives + BDR that’s serving a geographic territory or vertical.  They have 100’s of accounts, and each week there is a mountain of $5/hr tasks:

  1. Building lists
  2. Scheduling appointments
  3. Responding to basic emails
  4. Logging information into CRM (pre & post-call)
  5. Account Research
  6. Etc.

The list is endless.

What could your sales team do with 25% of their week back (Admin Tasks)… let’s even just call that 1 day a week in time.

My +10 years of pioneering the sales enablement space might just lead me to a breakthrough here for the sales community.

Stay tuned as I beta-test this with a few pioneering prospects.

Don’t Forget – Benchmark where your internal talent is spending time on $5/hr Tasks, and how you can Centralize Offshore.