There are hidden gems in every organization. A powerhouse of talent that often goes unnoticed. Today we’re pulling back the curtain to introduce you to some of our incredible teammates.

Here is what we’ll cover this week: 

  1. Meet the Great Talents Behind Get Levrg
  2. Level Up Your Branding With DIY Video Creation
  3. Get Recurring Revenue & Empower Your Clients with the Ambassadors Club

Meet the Great Talent Behind Get Levrg

Our team is our strength. They are the ones who execute sales and marketing tasks with precision and dedication, just like your onshore teammates. 

From updating CRM data to LinkedIn prospecting, from full organic content marketing to VA work, they do it all. But they are not just remote workers. 

They are a part of our team. They join our daily and weekly calls and share our WhatsApp and Slack groups. 

You know what the best part is? They greatly contribute to our collective success. 

We want to recognize and showcase exceptional talent. So, we’ve created a special space on our website, Candidate Corner, where you can meet talented individuals. 

I want you to remember we are not just adding talent. We are replacing traditional roles with more capable, less expensive resources. 

This is the power of offshoring and this is how we scale. So are you ready to meet one of our talents? 

Click here: Meet Safa, the Offshore Project Manager at Get Levrg 

Level Up Your Branding With DIY Video Creation

Do you want to create your own videos? But you don’t know where to start?

You’re in luck. We’re introducing a free resource for DIY video creation. 

Here’s a sneak peek into a part of the free resource:  

Camera HardwareCamera, Gimbal, Tripod, Lenses, Microphone, Lights, Memory card
Computer HardwareMonitor, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, Motherboard, Cooler, Power Supply
Editing SoftwareVideo editing software, Motion graphics software, Audio editing software
PostingThumbnail, Thumbnail copy, Description Copy, Social media management platform

This isn’t just about making videos. It’s about standing out and telling a story.

Here’s what I do: 

I record videos that tell a story. But, time is such a big constraint that I don’t get to edit my videos.

So what I do is deliver those to my offshore team in Bangladesh. They do a fantastic job of editing and polishing my clips. 

Here are two examples of the off-shore talent’s prowess:  

  1. Meet my Awesome Offshore Team in Bangladesh
  2. How important it is to use communication mediums to open doors? – YouTube 

Here’s the link to the service page: Social Media and Content Team – Get Levrg 

Get Recurring Revenue & Empower Your Clients with the Ambassadors Club

Imagine you’re a growth expert. You guide CEOs and CMOs to success. Your clients crave efficient solutions but struggle with repetitive tasks. 

What if you could free them from their $5/hour tasks so that they can focus on high-impact strategy?

That’s where we come in. We have embarked on a new journey at Get Levrg. It involves a robust channel partnership model.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Match us with your clients: Introduce them to our offshoring expertise, freeing their teams for strategic work. 
  1. Earning on every successful referral: Choose from three tiers, with revenue sharing up to 20! 

Choose your level of involvement:

  1. The Maven: Make occasional introductions and earn for each successful connection.
  1. The Connector: Deepen engagement by consistently introducing clients and earning a steady stream of 10% monthly recurring revenue.
  1. The Integrator: Become an extension of our team, co-build sales pipelines, and share in the client’s success with a 20% monthly recurring revenue share. 

Head over here to know more about the Ambassadors Club: Ambassadors Club – Get Levrg  

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