Get offshore leverage

Every morning I wake up to a Trello Report of marketing tasks completed as I sleep. This is not fantasy land. This is a daily execution that has helped our start-up grow from $0 to 6 figures in < 6 months. Here is the process.

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

  1. Marketing as I sleep.
  2. You control Decisions and actions. Take CONTROL!
  3. Meet our in-country partner in Bangladesh – Nazmul Ahmed.

Marketing as I sleep.

There are two time zones of talent you want in your business offshore:

  1. Project Management – working either hybrid (straddling a portion of your local timezone for a few hours each day to connect live) and/or full-time in your time zone. Their main responsibility is to triage and prioritize the programs you want.
  1. Marketing execution – they work their local hours. Happy, healthy, and creating while you sleep.

Step #1 – Review the Marketing Calendar: Everything needs to waterfall downwards from your strategic “Rocks” or “Goals” for the year/quarter, into assets that align with that initiative. Create the asset, project, or initiative because you can defend the “Why” you’re doing this.

Step #2 – Create a Wireframe: Personally, I like to draw out my ideas on an iPad where I have a stylus pen. I’ll sometimes accompany this with a short video to contextualize my ideas.

Here is an example of a page in design now:

Step #3 – Add asset to the Trello Board: The asset goes into a queue. This should look like an assembly line.

Step #4 – Wake up to proof and approve going live: I wake up every morning at 5 a.m. I roll over grab my phone off the nightstand for a few minutes review the assets approve them to go live and/or make final comments for edits. 

Here is a sample video from Sept 2023: 

Constructive Feedback on the Service Landing Pages.

What you are creating here is Speed-to-Execution. Our small start-up at Get Levrg (as an example) creates marketing assets faster and more efficiently than $100M companies because offshore talent can just build, build, and build overnight.

If you want to attract leads inbound like a magnet, I suggest you look at designing an offshore marketing support team.

You control your Decisions and actions. Take CONTROL!

As a Founder & CEO, there are many, many things that are OUT OF OUR CONTROL. Yes, we can influence them, but ultimately they are in other people’s control. What we can definitively control are only two (2) things:

  1. The Decisions we make
  2. The Actions we take.

That’s it.

Here link here from Graham Binks

Objective, strategic decision-making about how you become more profitable and acquire more time back for yourself….

And then the actions and activities you take to turn these decisions into reality.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had a yo-yo of both financial challenges (all my companies have been bootstrapped) and I’ve caught myself working 60-70 hours a week on $5/hour tasks, feeling like I was stuck in quicksand. Sometimes I’ve felt hopeless like I was on a train-of-fate, rather than controlling my destination.

When I think clearly, I know that’s not true. Again, I control my decisions and actions.

A major decision & action change for me was during the depths of the financial crisis when I conceded to my fears/apprehension about offshore talent and gave it a try. That action in 2018 (hiring our first Customer Support person offshore in the Philippines) changed my life. 6 years later, I have +30 teammates offshore in the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh.

I began to think more objectively about where/how I acquired talent, and I acted with conviction.

You can too. Fear clouds our decisions, and inertia tends to cement our feet from taking action.  

You can break the cycle.

Meet our in-country partner in Bangladesh – Nazmul Ahmed.

Our immediate success out of the gate wouldn’t have been possible without Nazmul and his team in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I was introduced to Nazmul through Sabbir Rahman, a long-time offshore talent at my company Sales for Life and Pipeline Signals. Sabbir is the ultimate Swiss army knife of talent and any recommendations he makes usually work out. We needed to expand our marketing efforts and Nazmul came highly recommended. Nazmul not only had a great marketing agency to work with, but an endless supply of great sales & marketing support talent. Two years later, Nazmul became an official partner at Get Levrg.

This was so natural – having Nazmul’s talent machine become the backbone of our talent acquisition and service delivery.

Get introduced to Nazmul, as you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him:

Here is a sample YouTube channel.

Don’t Forget – Benchmark where your internal talent is spending time on $5/hr Tasks, and how you can Centralize Offshore.