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How we see Offshore Talent Acquisition-as-a-Service changing recruiting

Customers are guiding us. It’s clear that our offshoring is murky even for customers that already have offshore talent. We are seeing challenges in their:
Overpaying talent
Broken Infrastructure (payment platforms, no SOP’s, etc.)
No scalable talent acquisition or onboarding process

We are expanding to blend community enablement with talent acquisition as ONE service. End-to-end handholding to success.

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

1. How we see Talent Acquisition-as-a-Service changing recruiting.
2. The Philippines offers you VP/Director level CX opportunities.
3. How I defined and stuck to my “Why” for offshoring talent for the last 5 years.
4. Be careful having your offshore EA leverage your corporate credit cards.

How we see Offshore Talent Acquisition-as-a-Service changing recruiting.

When I started get Levrg, I saw multiple challenges I wanted to help Founders/CEOs and their onshore teammates:

First Principle – help founders/CEO’s become more profitable/productive with offshoring.


  • a community to learn as offshoring lives in the shadows.
  • allow NON-founders (ELT teammates) to be part of the community so what we learn actually gets pulled through (Founders are too busy).
  • allow our customers to “fly birdie fly” within 1-2 offshore hires.

What I’ve come to recognize is that talent acquisition as PART of that community subscription is such a value add:

  1. Founders what the outcome of talent acquired
  2. But HATE the existing recruitment model (down payments, pay per talent, and reimbursements) 

So we have created the best of both worlds:

Step 1 – Learn best practices

Step 2 – Acquire and scale talent

Step 3 – Continue learning and scaling as a community of like minded Founders.

We are excited to evolve with you.

The Philippines offers you VP/Director level CX opportunities.

The customer success talent in the Philippines is unparalleled.

I’d like to introduce you to Joy on my team – she leads customer success at both Pipeline Signals and Sales for Life. Her talents are absolutely a Level +2 “Officer” – talking over the entire CX process we have designed, and managing customer support teammates, sales trainers and data analysts – located in the Philippines and Bangladesh.

What is remarkable is the communication skills in the Philippines. Here is a video as Joy is launching training videos to our customers.


What’s important to note is that Sales for Life serves primarily the Fortune 2000, and Pipeline Signals services SMB, mid-market and global enterprise. These are complex sales. These are Chief Revenue & Chief Marketing Officers we sell too.

Here is the opportunity:

This level of talent is available for $10-$15/hour, ($1,500 to $2,500 per month). This is talent arbitrage that will skyrocket your gross margins, allowing you to serve customers in ways you had never considered before!

How I defined and stuck to my “Why” for offshoring talent for the last 5 years.

Welcome to entrepreneurship. The road will be dark, lonely and bumpy. Over the years I’ve felt alone in my offshoring First Principles. I either saw the looks that I got from others, or received questions for founders giving their “drive-by advice”. To keep me calibrated, here are some of the tactics I’ve used to keep me focused on my First Principles:

  1. Write down First Principles as Goals in my phone

I review the following every morning:

  1. My “45th year on earth goals”
  2. My daily gratitude
  3. My V/TO (Vision Traction Organizer for all 3 companies).

In these documents, I see photos and statements of people, places, things that I want personally, and want to accomplish within my businesses.

PROFIT. PROFIT. That’s how these magical goals are achieved. Nothing else. When I look at the profitability needed to achieve these goals, I don’t let the darkness creep in. 

  1. Gross Margins must always be >80%, Customer Payback Period must be < 3 months.

I get crazy objective. I need to make 4x more than the $$$ a customer is paying to serve my product / service. This is the only way to hire the talent necessary to offer “white glove service”. That’s not possible when you’re charging a customer $3,000/month, and you’re paying CX teammates $100,000 a year. To create a triple win:

  • Customer is ROV (Return on Investment) is very high
  • You’re profits are high enough to provide great service
  • Teammates are happy and healthy with their pay…

I’ll say it again. Get crazy objective. I’ll open up my Operating Leverage Benchmark spreadsheet as I meet talented onshore people. After meeting that talent, I objectively plot their output versus offshore. I then recognize quickly that the output isn’t worth 5-10x a reduction in profitability!

Be careful having your offshore EA leverage your corporate credit cards.

I’m a huge fan of having my team execute any task that’s not worth $500/hour.  Unfortunately, we have learnt one too many times that credit card transactions offshore are just not one of those tasks worth it.

Yes – your offshore teammate can pay bills or purchase a software tool for you.


WHEN (notice the when) your bank notices a suspicious activity charge, they will shut off your credit card.  

Then the waterfall of “pains in your ass”:

  • The next 24 hours of transactions fail to pay. You get cut off from other things.
  • You have to personally call the bank. Their call center is a barrel of fun. You spend 1-2 hours trying to get your credit card turned back on.

All in all, you could have just paid for the transaction in 5 minutes to save yourself the hassle.

And yes, my offshore teammates leverage VPN networks to mask their IP address location. It just take one mistake (wrong geo-location on the VPN, or forgot to turn it on that day)… and BAM, you’re in credit card jail.

A few precious tasks have to remain onshore, and credit card transactions for SMB businesses is one of those.

Don’t Forget – Benchmark your team against offshore talent.

Access it here.

  • What is the profit increase you could expect?
  • What is the sales relief / reprieve you could expect to generate the same profit?

Get ready to be shocked!