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What The Recruiters Want

Do you think of yourself as a coding superhero or a wizard with spreadsheets? Well, today’s global remote recruiters are looking for candidates who are:

What The Recruiters Want

Your Benefits

Don’t just join the crowded global talent pool, lead it. Unlock your limitless potential before opportunities pass you by.

You need more than just your skills to take you to the global platform. Our course helps you become a highly productive talent. You will become the talent that North American customers seek to join their company.

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Value creation for our customers

“I’d rather our team work on the $500/hr strategies that excite them, pushing them and motivating them, and scale an offshore team to manage $20/hr tasks, so that our onshore team can grow.”

Miles Kailburn CEO, Old Town Media

“Our offshore team competes their work 5x faster at 1/20th the cost, on a 24-hour cycle.”

Brendan Taylor CEO, Maverick VFX

“I am so impressed with the level of talent that is available offshore, the work ethic, the way that they fit within our team, within our culture, within the way we do things and the way they innovate.”

Jeff Klaumann COO, Collective 54

“We saved 10% on all total employee costs by pushing some of our more manual tasks offshore. For us, this was a really notable savings.”

Steven Riskey CEO, Strop Insights

Course Module

How To Start
Mindset - Become a Competitive Advantage
Preparation - Ready for Success
Onboarding - First 100 Days to Impact
Productivity - Be a Lighthouse, Not a Tugboat
Growth - 10x Your Opportunities
Preparation - Ready for Success
Private 15-minute Coaching Session

About Course Instructor:

Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is the CEO of Get Levrg and Pipeline Signals. Get Levrg helps businesses navigate offshoring for better profits, while Pipeline Signals supports Account-based Sellers with sales training and intelligence to find more sales opportunities. Before this, Jamie led Sales for Life, the pioneer of Social Selling, training over 250,000 professionals globally for brands like Microsoft and Oracle.

Jamie Shanks-CEO who is relax and confident with his decisions to offshore

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Talent Mastery is a free course designed to equip offshore hires and new recruits with the essential skills and mindset to thrive in the global marketplace. It covers key areas like cultural intelligence, communication mastery, adaptability, networking, and personal branding, empowering individuals to become not just skilled professionals, but confident global leaders.

Get Levrg's Recruit facility offers several advantages for companies looking to build or expand their talent outreach. It provides access to a pool of qualified talent, guarantees fast hiring within weeks, and is cost-effective thanks to its subscription model. You also receive ongoing support and coaching throughout the hiring process and beyond, ensuring a smooth and successful integration of your new hires.

If you are actively applying for jobs in the global market, regardless of your current experience or education level, then you are likely eligible for the Global Talent Mastery course. The course aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and mindset to succeed in a globalized job market.

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