You’re drowning in unanswered messages and stagnant leads on LinkedIn. You are doing $5/hr prospecting which holds you back from doing $500/hr revenue-generating activities. 

Here is what we’ll cover this week:

  • Analyzing Thousands of Messages in Campaigns – What Opens Doors on LinkedIn
  • 23 Vendors and Counting? Is Your Tech Stack Crippling Your Sales Team?
  • A Call to Founders, Chief Revenue Officers, and Chief Marketing Officers!

Analyzing Thousands of Messages in Campaigns – What Opens Doors on LinkedIn

If you’re doing LinkedIn prospecting yourself, you are wasting time on ineffective prospecting tactics. LinkedIn prospecting shouldn’t feel like an endless cycle of repetitive tasks. 

You deserve to focus on high-impact activities that close deals, not spend hours crafting messages. Let me explain how this works.

Our Digital Prospector takes the busy work off your plate. Our dedicated sales support agents become your secret weapon, building targeted campaigns and crafting personalized messages to engage prospects and customers directly on LinkedIn.

Here’s the real win: You reap the rewards without the hassle.

Imagine the time saved by not manually connecting with every prospect.  Digital Prospector frees you to focus on what you do best – building relationships and closing deals.

Even if you’re not ready for Digital Prospector (yet!), we’ve got campaign ideas to jumpstart your LinkedIn prospecting:

  • Intrigue with Compelling Events: Host a LinkedIn Live and/or other webinar or promote a relevant meetup to drive traffic and build your network. Act now!
  • Offer Exclusive Trials: Incentivize prospects with free trials or early access in exchange for valuable feedback. It’s amazing to see prospects’ reaction to feeling special and being asked to be early in a product feedback loop.
  • Nurture Your Pipeline Coverage (SQL to non-Closed Won): Reconnect with past leads, existing customers, or dormant accounts with fresh insights and updates. Revive those connections!  We send valuable insights every Friday to our pipeline coverage.  Inevitably we resurface an old lead each month and convert them into a customer.

Stop wasting time on manual prospecting! Turn LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool and grow your business. Ready to unlock the true potential of LinkedIn? 

Get Levrg can help. Contact us today to learn more about Digital Prospector and start seeing results! Don’t wait, take action now!

23 Vendors and Counting? Is Your Tech Stack Crippling Your Sales Team?

If your sales performance is suffering under the weight of a bloated tech stack, you’re not alone. A recent Go-To-Market Partners study exposes a harsh reality: the average company struggles with a staggering 23 vendors in their go-to-market technology stack.

This is a crisis demanding immediate action! Imagine a desperate Head of Revenue Operations pleading for a million-dollar cut in vendor costs. Their team is crippled by a sea of complex tools, wasting valuable time and hindering core sales activities.

Stop the insanity! Don’t let your sales team become casualties in the tech tool wars.

Here’s the truth about the “productivity hack” promises of these endless tools:

Drowning your team in options is like giving them an iPhone for the first time. They’ll only utilize a fraction of its features, overwhelmed and reverting to old habits. 

Moreover, sales reps have different learning paces. Some embrace complexity, some stick to basics, and many get discouraged by the constant need to master new tools.

Now if you’re expecting reps to become tech wizards for every tool, it is a recipe for wasted resources and plummeting productivity. Building relationships, closing deals, and managing customers – their core strengths – you will make them sidelined.

There’s a better way to do it!  Ditch the endless struggle and embrace a radical shift:

  • Deploy the Master, Many Disciples Approach: Empower a dedicated Sales & Marketing Operations Specialist to become the master of all these tools.
  • One Learns, All Benefit: This specialist takes full ownership, managing and running the tools for the entire sales team.
  • Reps Focus on Winning: Free your sales reps to do what they do best – drive sales! Stop wasting their time on tech headaches.

Stop the tech tool madness and take control!  The “Master, Many Disciples” approach streamlines your tech stack, empowers your sales team, and unlocks maximum results. 

AI is Years from Being Great for Sellers. 

Hold on a second before you pin all your hopes on AI!  Yes, AI has vast potential, but for most sales teams, it’s a decade away from truly transforming your game.

 Remember the social selling revolution that started in 2012?  Even established technologies like CRM (20+ years old) and marketing automation (20 years old) are still struggling for universal adoption.

The reality is, that widespread AI adoption in sales will come, but it won’t be a quick fix. The human element of enabling AI tools is crucial, and that’s where co-pilots and prompt engineering come in.

Here’s the actionable strategy you need, right now:

  • Focus on Prompt Engineering: This isn’t about waiting for AI to be perfect – it’s about mastering the art of crafting prompts that get the best results from existing tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard.
  • Empower Copilots: Instead of expecting your sales reps to become AI whizzes, utilize third-party resources or marketing specialists to handle prompt engineering and research tasks. Tools like Expandi can even be leveraged as a form of co-pilot AI.

Why is this approach so powerful?

  • Free Up Your Sales Stars: By offloading research, list building, and other tasks to copilot experts, your sales reps can focus on their core strength: closing deals!
  • See Results Today: Don’t wait for the AI utopia – maximize your current tools and unlock immediate productivity gains.

AI has a bright future, but the present belongs to those who master copilot strategies and prompt engineering.  Get Leverage can help you implement this approach and squeeze the most juice out of your existing sales tech stack.  Contact us today and dominate the competition!

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